Streamline your content marketing.

Save time and spare frustration with GAIN, a collaboration tool designed for teams.

Trusted by Thousands of Brands

Zero-Hassle Content Creation

Upload your marketing materials and centralize your content, making it easier to collaborate and get approval.

GAIN's post creator supports a variety of post formats like videos, animated GIFs, and carousels.

Drag and drop your media to create and schedule content with just a few clicks.

Re-use your content or syndicate it to multiple channels with SmartRecycle™.

Make Order out of Chaos with Approval Templates

Work how you work, but faster. Use approval templates to streamline your content workflow. 

GAIN is your traffic manager, sending notifications, gathering feedback, and advancing content towards approval.

Once approved, content is automatically scheduled to be published. 

Pixel-Perfect Previews without Mockups

Delight your clients with social media previews exactly as they appear live, and get approval from any device with a single click.

Share a visual, real-time calendar of brand content with your clients, including a full history of their feedback.

Your Success is Our Success

" Makes our life SO easy managing several accounts and dozens of social media pages!"

Kelly Borgen

Get Community Inc

“The main benefit of using GAIN is having your assets consolidated in one place”

Luke Thompson


"Extremely user-friendly and previews all the content."

Elspeth Baird


Every Feature, Simple Pricing

Unlimited Social Accounts

Unlimited Posts

Unlimited File, Image, and Video storage

Unlimited internal and external approval rounds

Unlimited Brands

Fanatical support

Start saving time and impressing your clients today with a no-risk trial of GAIN. 

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Coordinate all of your content from a single place.

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